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Cut resistant T-shirt / Cool-Cutyarn-Polyester / Long sleeves / Black VBR-Belgium

Item No.: TS-CCP-LM-Z-(2020)

Black cut-resistant T-shirt / Coolmesh-Cutyarn-Polyester / long sleeves / Black.


This cut-resistant long-sleeved t-shirt distinguishes itself from other slash resistant T-shirts because it is made of three layers. The outer layer is a soft Coolmesh layer that can be printed, the middle layer is the cut resistant Cutyarn layer (Cut resistant Yarns) level 5 and the inside is provided with a Polyester mesh layer.


Remember that much cheaper cut resistant T-shirts either have a much lower protection value or no Coolmesh layer at all.

The outer Coolmesh layer and the inner Polyester mesh layer prevent the body from coming into direct contact with the cut-resistant fabric containing glass fiber. This is a requirement of various police services. Due to the use of a Coolmesh layer, this cut-resistant T-shirt remains relatively fresh in the summer and is very comfortable to wear in the winter


The cut-resistant protection covers the entire surface of the T-shirt (torso, shoulders and long sleeves). This is a professional cut resistant T-shirt that is already worn by various security services in different countries in Europe and in America! It is a serious and practical protection against attacks with pocket knives and broken glass. With its three layers, the T-shirt is considerably thicker than a normal T-shirt and is intended for visible wear. The long sleeves protect the arms from cuts.


Suitable for: Military, police and personal defense.


Machine washable up to 30 ° C.


The printing of these T-shirts can only happen in production and not afterwards. We can provide your logo to the manufacturer. The minimum quantity is at least 20 pieces. The note, however, that you not ended up on the protected design depots of other images when choosing your imprint.

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Cut resistant T-shirt / Cool-Cutyarn-Polyester / Long sleeves / Black VBR-Belgium

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