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Pollux stab proof vest against knives KR1 black


The flexible discreet stab proof vest Pollux KR1 is a professional stab resistant vest that is intended as protection against attacks with knives. Most stabbing is done with pocket knives or kitchen knives. The Pollux stab proof vest is a very effective solution for daily use and offers optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility. It has been specially developed for discreet missions and is suitable for both men and women. The Pollux vest offers protection to the front, back and sides everywhere with the same protection value KR1.
In this, the KR1 stands for a stab resistance against attacks with knives. The KR1 stab resistance is based on the English HOSDB standards, in which a specially designed knife tip is used to simulate the broad spectrum of knife attacks on the police. This stab vest has a protection based on a knife attack with an energy of 24 joules, whereby the tip of the knife may not penetrate deeper than 7 mm through the vest and with an energy of 36 joule, the point may not penetrate deeper than 20 mm. This is a realistic and professional protection against attacks with pocket knives and daggers.
XS to 3XL

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Pollux stab proof vest against knives KR1 black

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