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Red Cut resistant nylon vest VBR-Belgium

Item No.: VBR-Nylon-Cuty-Rood

Red water-repellent nylon vest or raincoat with a cut-resistant lining from Cutyarn (Cut resistant Yarns) level 5. Possibility to print the vest or provide it with logos (sports club).


The VBR-Belgium nylon vest looks like a normal modern red hip nylon vest and is quite comfortable to wear. It does not restrict freedom of movement. Different sizes are available. The inside of the vest has a stab and cut resistant Cutyarn lining level 5. This protective and cut resistant lining is present over the entire surface of the vest and also in the arms. As a result, this Cutyarn liner offers cut-resistant protection comparable to the EN388 standard level 5 to the arms and torso. The red cut resistant vest with a cut resistant Cutyarn lining can withstand most attacks with pocket knives. The vest looks like a normal red nylon vest and is therefore also suitable for daily wear. The red color makes the vest highly visible, which increases safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The vest has been developed from a tactical point of view as personal protection, whereby it is assumed that the vest must always be closed when worn. The front pockets for important items (wallet or mobile phone) have a zipper so they can be closed securely.


The red cut-resistant vest is ideal to wear for travelers traveling by bus or train. The red color makes you more visible as a pedestrian and this trendy vest can protect you against attacks with knives or broken glass bottles. Ideal against the increasing aggression with knives.


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Red Cut resistant nylon vest VBR-Belgium

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