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The stab and bulletproof vest Heracles HG1A-KR1-SP1 can be used by security services and security services as a general overt bulletproof vest that is worn over the clothing. This Heracles stab and bulletproof vest has the two standard protective packages HG1A-KR1-SP1 that are placed in the Heracles carrier. Front and back. The Heracles carrier offers the possibility to further expand the vest with extra shoulder protection.
The vest is suitable to wear overt above the clothing and offers protection on the front, back and sides. Furthermore, this product offers;
• A lining in 3D (three-dimensional) fabric that provides ventilation.
• A lower back pillow
• An elastic in the left front piece to insert the right front piece when closing.
• An evacuation trade
• Loops to route the radio/micro wire under the left front piece.
• Easy shoulder adjustment
• An extra belt on the vest so that the equipment can be split between the service belt and the belt on the vest.
• 2 large Napoleon pockets on the left and right side of the vest.
The protection rating HG1A-KR1-SP1 according to HOSDB 2007 English Standards, which is synonymous with HG1 ballistic protection against the calibers of small arms 9x19mm and .357 Magnum with up to 25mm trauma and normal ammunition. It is a realistic value for protection against the most common pistols and revolvers used by criminals.
The KR1 value is an anti-stab resistance to normal attacks with 24-36 joule blades. This protection is based on a P1/B blade attack with an energy of 24 joules, where the tip of the blade must not exceed 7 mm. penetrate through the vest and with an energy of 36 joules, the point cannot penetrate deeper than 20 mm. This is a realistic protection against attacks with pocket knives and daggers. Given the increasing number of stab attacks, it is also a realistic protection value.
The SP1 value is a 24 joule piercing protection without puncturing the vest and also against the 2.5 joule hypodermic needle or hypodermic needle.
Available sizes : XS-S-M-L-XL-2Xl-3XL



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