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Stab- and bullet proof vest Pollux / HG1A-KR1-SP1 black

Item No.: Pollux-HG1A-KR1-SP1-2020

The stab- and bulletproof vest  HG1A-KR1-SP1 model Pollux is a very effective solution for everyday use. The bulletproof vest Pollux provides optimum comfort, convenience and flexibility. It is specially designed for discrete missions and is suitable for both men and women. The Pollux jacket provides protection to the front and rear and sides. The shoulders and belt are made of elastomeric material provide a sense of comfort and an incredible unparalleled freedom of movement. The model is also equipped with a Thermo Liner based OUTLAST. A system of heat and sweat management on the basis of a Outlast lining. This material has a temperature regulating function, which absorbs heat above 37 ° C to give, in addition to the excellent absorption properties. The body temperature of an additional cooling effect


The protection rating HG1A-KR1-SP1 according to HOSDB 2007 English standards, which is synonymous with HG1 ballistic protection against the calibres of small arms 9x19 mm and .357 Magnum with up to 25 mm trauma and normal ammunition. It is a realistic value for protection against the most common pistols and revolvers used by criminals.


The KR1 value is an anti-stab resistance against normal attacks with 24-36 joule blades. Given the increasing number of stab attacks, it is also a realistic protection value.


The SP1 value is an anti-spike protection of 24 Joule without piercing the vest and also against the hypodermic needle or injection needle of 2.5 Joule.

Available sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-2Xl-3XL


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Stab- and bullet proof vest Pollux / HG1A-KR1-SP1 black