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Stab- and Bullet proof vest Ares / HG1A-KR1-SP1

Item No.: Ares-HG1A-KR1-SP1-2020

The Stab-and bulletproof vest ARES HG1A-KR1-SP2 provides optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility. It is an anatomical design, which is suitable for both men and women. The Ares vest can be both above and under the clothing worn. The jacket provides protection to the front and rear and on the sides. Furthermore, this product includes fully adjustable, elasticated shoulders and waist using Velcro. This jacket also has a very high level of breathability, combined with heat and perspiration-regulating system. The advanced system "Siophase" regulates body heat by heat above 37 ° C to drain. This excess heat is stored in the fabric and then released when the body temperature drops below 37 ° C.


To purchase a bullet proof vests is no license needed.

Yet bulletproof vests fall under the Arms Act in connection of dual-use products. The government claims that the sale must happen in trust to people over 18 years and that an end-user statement is drafted which satisfy a number of requirements.


PDF file end-user statement persons.


The end-user declaration signed and send up the original by post to us along with a copy of your identity cart.


Online sale of a bulletproof vest only goes on only when all formalities are fulfilled!

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Stab- and Bullet proof vest Ares / HG1A-KR1-SP1

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