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1) Can we visit your shop

Yes, you can visit our physical store! We are open on Saturday morning and during the week you can visit us by appointment. Send us a message asking if the product and size you are looking for are still in stock. Contact us for an appointment.


2) What is this store well known for?

  • We have developed a special range of cut-resistant - stab-resistant clothing by us that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • We have a small stock of bullet-proof vests that you can try in the physical store to see if the size fits, cash or pay with a bank card and immediately take home.


3) I am threatened and urgently need a bulletproof vest, what should I do?

Keep calm and act objectively! Contact us by phone +32495773277 or by email. State clearly that you are threatened and urgently need a body armor in your size! Avoid long stories about the police who can do nothing but focus on your own urgent protection that you need and make an appointment immediately.


4) I can buy on internet bullet proof jackets online "order today - delivered tomorrow" without that even one paper formality must fulfilled  ... Why are there here than paper formalities?

In principle, no license is required for the purchase of a bulletproof vest, but bulletproof vests still fall under the Weapons Act, more specifically under the category of “dual-use” goods. For the sale of bulletproof clothing from Belgium destined for Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, no end-user statement must be drawn up. We do ask for a copy of your identity card with name, date of birth and photo. We do not sell bulletproof vests to children, who must make the purchase through their parents for safety reasons. For orders outside the BENELUX, an end-user statement must be completed. We will send you the necessary documents with the confirmation of your order. Due to the legal provisions, we do not supply terrorist or paramilitary organizations. A bulletproof vest is legally sold with us!


5) Stabbing and cut-resistant clothing.

British research has shown that in an attack with a knife, cut-resistant clothing can seriously limit or even prevent up to 80% of the injury. Cut-resistant clothing, just like normal clothing, is quite comfortable to wear and is especially useful in a cutting attack with a pocket knife or utility knife. For a stabbing attack with a blade, it is less efficient and much depends on the tip of the blade. Nevertheless, cut-resistant clothing offers some protection against stabbing with a knife. To increase the stab resistance, you can combine several garments and wear them one above the other, just like you wear other garments one above the other. For example, a cut-resistant undershirt can be worn under a cut-resistant T-shirt with long sleeves and a cut-resistant vest above it. This is exactly the same as normal clothing, but then one has several layers of cut-resistant material on top of each other, which then has a considerably higher stab resistance. A stab proof vest is completely different. A stab-resistant vest is a package of several layers of stab-resistant material. Has a higher stab resistance, is cut resistant but is considerably thicker, heavier and less comfortable to wear than cut resistant clothing. Cut-resistant clothing can be worn wherever a stab-resistant vest cannot be worn everywhere.


6) Bullet proof vests for conflict areas in Africa or Eastern Europe

We supply bullet-resistant vests up to and including the protection value NIJ-3A within Europe.

We only supply bullet-proof vests classes NIJ-3 and NIJ-4 within the BENELUX.


We do not deliver to conflict areas in Africa or Eastern Europe. To supply bullet-proof vests outside of Europe, certain permits are required that we do not have. It is therefore not appropriate to request price quotations for deliveries outside the European Union. BENELUX residents can purchase a body armor for personal protection when traveling to their home country. This is not an output! It is prohibited to send (export) bulletproof vests outside of Europe without the necessary permits!